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Destroying Castles
Not even the mightiest castles can stand againt the power of the tornado bull!

This is a commission for :iconalphabetagamma1701:, having the tornado bull Taurnelous destroying a castle, while his creator West Wind watches this happening. She appears to be pleased on what she's seeing. :o

I hope you like this picture. :)

Taurnelous and West Wind belong to

Art is by :iconsirkiljaos: - me
Storm Magic
One calm day Lord Zephyr and Jen met at a shrine to show off their own magic powers to each other. Jen started first by summoning a strong windstorm. "Winds! Heed my call! Show us your might!", shouted Jen as she executed her spell. And indeed, the sky turned dark and the wind picked up drastically, making their both's robes and capes billow and snap wildly. "Quite impressive indeed, miss Jen. But now it's my turn.", Zephyr laughed and rised his staff in the air. "BLOW WIND BLOW! SHOW US ALL YOUR MIGHT!!", Zephyr shouted, and now the windstorm started to get more and more stronger. Their both's robes and capes billowed all over the place. Jen's long hair also blew around wildly and she had to grab on to her hat so the wind wouldn't blow it off. "Wow, you sure have gotten even better with the storm magic, dear Zephyr.", Jen giggled, they both admiring and enjoying the huge windstorm that their spells had created.

This is a commission for my friend
:iconlord-zephyr-tiger:, featuring his character Lord Zephyr the tiger and my character Jen the cat witch summoning a windstorm together, seeing who can summon a stronger storm. I hope you like it. :)

And yes, I have started to take commissions and I'm going to announce this and the prices more clearly later in my journal. :)

Lord Zephyr belongs to

Jen the witch belongs to :iconsirkiljaos: - me
Holiday Bunny
A rabbit has ventured under an outdoor christmas tree to wish us merry christmas and happy holidays. How cute. :)

This is my annual christmas card for this year, this time having a realistic feral rabbit. I drew the picture traditionally but colored it digitally as it's an easier way (in my opinion at least) to color different shades of white without the risk of messing up the drawing itself.

Merry christmas and happy holidays to you all! :)
Dungeon of the Dead page 19
Sir Kiljaos beats the skeleton knights, but now the whole place starts grumbling apart. Can he get out in time?

By the way, any critique and suggestions how I can make the next last pages of this comic look better than this and the last ones is welcome.

All the pages of this comic are here:…
Magnhild the Bear Barbarian
"Anyone here daring to attack me? I thought so."

This is my new character Magnhild, a bear barbarian. She is a warrior hailing from a barbarian tribe of bears far from the north. Like everyone in her tribe, Magnhild with her family is always on a quest to seek experience in order to make herself stronger, as they value greatly might, honor and art of fighting and hunting. So Magnhild along with her husband Ensio and 5-years-old son Björn are often travelling aroung the world of Karamador to gain experience and defeat more and more great foes. Although usually she and her husband Ensio travel around alone in turns while the other stays at their home taking care and training their son Björn, protecting their village and get food by hunting. Magnhild is the one who especially has been doing long travels, all the way to Doreador for example, and has met and gained allies from heroes like Sir Kiljaos, Bodom and princess Anima. Most noteably she has been aiding princess Anima on her quest to fight against the undead and demons who have been threatening the whole world of Karamador.
As for her personality, Magnhild can usually be very tough and intimitading, but has a great sense of honor and is very loyal to her friends, family and her tribe.

I at one point had an idea to make some sort of a barbarian character and I found a bear to be fitting species. I also decided to make it to be female and a bit older, mother-bear like character, not a young and sexy like my female characters usually are. And also female barbarian characters don't seem to be as common as male but I did make up alongside Magnhild her husband Ensio, but I haven't made up yet what he and their son Björn look and are like. Magnhild's name is norwegian, meaning "strong", and husband's name is finnish and son's norwegian as well. I made up that they with their tribe and homeland are based on the Nordic Europe(Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark), including my home Finland, so they all would have names based from these lands.

I had this picture done already for almost a week but I didn't upload it earlier because I wasn't entirely happy with the outcome of this picture, but it's here now anyway.


Ilkka Särkiniemi
Artist | Student | Varied
Good day! I'm Sir Kiljaos, the lion paladin of wind! *capebows*
I hope you like my gallery and feel free to talk to me.

Current Residence: Raahe
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal and rock,techno
Favourite style of art: My drawings tells it
Operating System: Windows 7
Skin of choice: Fur
Personal Quote: We are not going to hell, we already live there.
  • Listening to: Black Sabbath
  • Reading: your mind
  • Watching: LGR
  • Playing: Fallout 4
  • Drinking: Cola
Greetings everyone.

It was about time for me to write a journal about what's been going on recently.
First off, two months ago I graduated into artist-craftsman so I'm once again done with school for now. :D
As off what I'm doing, I've had a lot of plans with the future artworks.

First off I've decided to start taking commissions but I haven't set prices for them yet as I'm still inexperienced with that stuff, but during this spring I will look more into that and will then tell when they are open and what the prices are.

Also some people of you may remember my comic named Karamador (aka. Zak-comic) that I made from 2007 to 2012 but never got far with it so I put it on hiatus and then stopped working on it. With that thing I have good news as I'm planning to start working on this comic again soon once my current comic "Dungeon of the Dead" is finished. Though I'm not going to just continue it; I will remake the proloque and start the chapter II all over as I have made changes to the whole world of Karamador and it's timeline. As that comic is set into the "medieval-renessance-fantasy- era", the more modern things like modern guns and machine that were seen in chaprer II are now out of place, and the story was going all over the place (also almost all the characters still used to be naked XD). So this is why I start the comic all over from that point, but I will still re-use a bit some drawings from the original to the new ones but even these I will remake as the original artwork looks bad now in my opinion. Also the proloque I will remake as well since the story changes I've made affect that one too, one thing being that I've had in mind to have Targiel the vampire tiger in it instead of Mechnater, since Mechnater is going to be the main villain in my other comic that is set in the "post-apocalyptic-scifi-fantasy- era". Also I have in mind to have the comic in color. Chapter 1 I don't have in mind to remake as the story changes don't affect that chapter very much.
Even though I'm going to remake the proloque and chapter II before continuing the story, the old pages will still remain in my gallery just for curiosity's sake.

Also for my future artworks, I'm also planning to start uploading more different kinds of artworks from me as well along with my traditional fantasy-, realistic animals- and game fanart- stuff. These other stuffs being landscape- pictures from real world and also some Lego- creations I have made, just to add some more variety to my gallery.

Journal History

Your favorite The Elder Scrolls-game? (including only main games) 

13 deviants said The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
4 deviants said The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
2 deviants said The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
No deviants said The Elder Scrolls Chapter II: Daggerfall
No deviants said The Elder Scrolls Chapter I: Arena



Rawr. Just a tiger here
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Last shout didn't work... Oh! FUS RO DA!
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Shoutbox? FUS DO RA!
Fri Dec 30, 2011, 1:29 PM
happynew year milord!!
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Tue Jul 26, 2011, 5:57 AM
I've got balls of steel! :XD:
Tue Jul 26, 2011, 5:56 AM
Wow, I have been really pathetic years ago for making those angry, cursing and angst shouts below
Tue Jul 12, 2011, 3:28 PM
yay :XD:
Sat Jun 26, 2010, 4:48 PM


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